burn yr food

by the ednas

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Dedicated to the memory of our old jam hall, "The Jamhole" at 69 Breithaupt St, Kitchener, Ontario. It is now defunct and on the verge of being condemned. Download the EP for more information.

Recorded at The Harris Institute 2012, mixed by Nick Biffis. Mastered by James Paul at Rogue Recording. All songs written and performed by The Ednas. Download the EP for a full list of thank you's and credits.


released March 28, 2013




the ednas Ontario, Oregon

three-piece whatever-rock outfit specializing in apathy and bizarro pop sensibilities.

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Track Name: red
wilted leaves by the window
names of places on the wall
a little leak by the doorway
lets a red light touch it all

in the heat of a moment
smoke from a string of words
and it is old, it is ancient
the way we let ourselves get worse

spin with the earth
Track Name: domino
he felt a new pressure upon him
dragged the deer back home
austin, texas fell upon him
"momma, leave my guns alone!"

he fell right out of his body
he heard screams come out of his body
nothing left to do

running through his brain, driving him insane
there will come a rain, he will feel no pain
watching the world as it all flies by
release, dominos

soon his brain's would come to consume him
kathy cut to the bone
his perfections would throb and delude him
"daddy, give the dog a bone!"

he became a vessel of fire
he saw his own hands conspire
so he tightened his grip


the papers will get the facts confused
but if i shoot straight there won't be any views
took five lives just to get to the top
until the end my rifle won't lock until the whole world stops
Track Name: marvin
i met a traveller from an antique land
a paradox of a man
big black boots, striped pyjamas
he's a clogged toilet, he's a spoiled banana

marvin said
there's too much waste, please get some paper plates
he's cooking up the cat
i'm having some doubts that i can keep myself from kicking his brains in
now we're wasting words just like the way he wastes our water
and now we're burning nerves just like the way he burns his toast

in a room full of people who hate each other
marvin sat down next to me
asked me if i'd heard what he said she said
i just want to get some sleep marvin
Track Name: gary
this isn't about opinion
who said this had any point at all
gary said to watch the grass grow
gary said to cut your hair
went looking for the voice of reason
found nothing but rubber ducks and glass
gary said to watch yr elbows
mind the pavement when yr kissing puddles

what's with those eyes?
this is just what gary said
as if you try
this is just what gary said

his eyes look everywhere and he is everywhere at once

this isn't at all about culture
we like to stay home and complain
gary said to tie your noose tight
gary said it sucks just hanging there
someone left their shoes in my room
i walked a mile 'til i got bored
gary said he'd like to fuck us all
gary keeps my tombstone in his drawer
Track Name: blue
reduce, reuse, recycle