from by the ednas



i met a traveller from an antique land
a paradox of a man
big black boots, striped pyjamas
he's a clogged toilet, he's a spoiled banana

marvin said
there's too much waste, please get some paper plates
he's cooking up the cat
i'm having some doubts that i can keep myself from kicking his brains in
now we're wasting words just like the way he wastes our water
and now we're burning nerves just like the way he burns his toast

in a room full of people who hate each other
marvin sat down next to me
asked me if i'd heard what he said she said
i just want to get some sleep marvin


from burn yr food, released March 28, 2013




the ednas Ontario, Oregon

three-piece whatever-rock outfit specializing in apathy and bizarro pop sensibilities.

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